Monday, August 14, 2006


Oops! I managed to completely miss the fact that it's been just over a year since my first post. I was reminded of it by Karen, who just about shares my anniversary.

I never actually thought that anybody would ever actually read my blog, but somehow people have drifted over from various places. You've seen me through my engagement, histeria over my first almost entirely knitted Christmas list, reckoning with an increasingly unwieldy stash, a death in the family, wedding planning, and some 34 finished objects. Wow, I just realized that's more than an FO every other week. Huh... when did I get to knit that many items? Oh yeah, when babies started popping out of everyone around me.

That, ahem, is not what's in store for the next blogiversary...

I don't have any fancy contests or giveaways planned for this blogiversary... just a heartfelt thank you to everyone who's ever read or commented. Your praise for my work and encouragement for the many spazzing moments accompanying my knitting and life in general mean quite a lot to me. Who knows where we'll be in a year, but it'll be fun finding out!