Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's not election day, but...

Okay, I know that I said that I wouldn't hijack this knitting blog with wedding related stuff, but I could use some fresh opinions. I've been dress shopping since it's getting to the point where those in the bridal fashion industry start to insist that you make a decision NOW or else threaten to charge you some sort of a ridicuous rush fee to make you feel even more stressed despite hello, there's still 6 months left, why are you rushing me?

Anyway, I've probably been to 10+ different shops and managed to narrow it down to the following four dresses:

Dresses 1 and 2

Dresses 3 and 4

What you can't see in the pictures:
Dress 1: Alencon lace bodice with double pleated organza at the neckline and a tiny organza bow that hits at the high waist. Matching lace border around the hem with a line of buttons down the back onto the chapel length train. (I'd lengthen this to cathedral length).

Dress 2: Alencon lace panels on the sides of the bodice. Fabric is specially treated so that it has an extra iridescent sheen to it. Semi-cathedral length train would be lengthened to full cathedral.

Dress 3: A few more pickups (those areas where it looks like someone gathered up some of the skirt and attached a beaded applique to keep it in place) are scattered across the back of the dress. This makes the back appear partially bustled, but there is still a cathedral length train.

Dress 4: The skirt really is asymetric like that. It's not the way the model is standing. There is a train on the back as well.

Here's my dilemma. In case you haven't noticed, my personality tends towards the dramatic - e.g. OMG it's the end of the world because there are tiny holes where I turned the heel on DF's Jaywalkers or OMG it's the end of the world because I missed a YO on the edge of my great-grandmother's Charlotte's Web. Also, I probably haven't mentioned this before, but I definitely fall under the category of spoiled youngest child. Therefore, my heart is tugging me in the direction of having a GIANT dress where I can arrive for a solid 10 minutes and channel my inner Scarlett drama queen.

On the other hand, I also would describe myself as low maintenance in the personal appearance department. I'm certainly no fashionista, and I can't be bothered by accessorizing or the perfect hair and makeup. I guess I'd probably describe my fashion taste as classic and minimalist.

Do any of these fit the bill? Please vote here or leave a comment! Sorry that I couldn't figure out how to include a blogpoll in my post. Anyone? Bueller?

In knitting news, the sleeves are now done and just barely attached to the body. I felt like the biggest dumba$$ trying to figure out which end of the needle to start knitting from when I was joining the sleeves to the body. Maybe I should have had more wine.

The Sockapaloooza Yukon Leaves socks are also coming along. I turned the heel and am 3 lace patterns into the leg now. Thanks to those who offered suggestions on the length of the foot. I tried to go with the 90% rule, but I ended up getting closer to 95% because I didn't know how much extra length the heel cup would add. Sigh. Oh well, the swatches don't seem to stretch as much length wise as they do width wise anyway, so maybe this is a good thing.

Sorry for the lack of knitting pictures today... I'm on the road yet again!