Monday, April 03, 2006

He's too sexy for his sweater...

So the latest in the saga of DF's zippered raglan. It's the project that won't end. I attached the sleeves how many weeks ago? and still, no FO picture yet. I decided to do a little finishing along the way and go ahead and graft my underarms while taking a break from the ~300 sts on my needles. So I proceeded to kitchener, and lo and behold, my fantastic grafting job:

What's up with the giant holes? Yes, DF is a man and therefore requires a bit of ventilation in the underarm area to keep from smelling too bad, but I was thinking pit zips would be more attractive than a gaping hole. Gotta fix that. So I tinked. And I remembered how much I hated tinking kitchener stitch.

This time around, I thought, well, maybe I'll just weave the yarn through the neighboring stitches before threading the first sts on my needle.

Voila! Pink underarms! Hmm, I have to figure out why it is that my sts seem to be out of alignment by half a stitch. Anyone know?

Well, I got a good way through the raglan decreases, and had DF try on his sweater. Yes, he can channel his inner Right Said Fred, but he'll still look ridiculous in this SKIN TIGHT sweater. He assured me that it'd be okay if I just keep going and block it within an inch of its life, so I finished the raglan decreases and got rerady to start on the collar. Second fitting made me realize this was ridiculouly tight across the shoulders and chest even assuming LOTS of blocking. I decided that Elizabeth Zimmerman's approach of having a couple of inches of even knitting after attaching the sleeves to the body made a whole lot more sense. RRRIIIIP! I won't even show you how much un-progress I made...

In other fronts... where's the Spring Knitty? I could use a little pick me up on my rainy Monday birthday.

Next up: a finished object that warrants an A!