Thursday, June 22, 2006

more lust

Okay, sorry right up front for having nothing to show you YET AGAIN. I didn't think that the same pair of socks in progress was interesting enough to shoot before just getting the FO picture.

What I will go on about today though is the discovery of lust incarnate: Knitpicks added a line of interchangeable needles that apparently have a finish as smooth as Addis, a point as sharp as my Denise needles, and a cord more flexible than Addis. The set comes in 9 sizes from US4-11 and they charge $60 for the set. I WANT. Check out this mini review by All Things Heather and also an unofficial review by Clara at Knitter's Review (scroll down). I wonder if it would be possible to add this to my wedding registry? Hmm, I'm guessing Macy's, BBB, and Amazon don't link to the Knitpicks site, huh?