Friday, June 09, 2006

MIA... again

Yes, yes... I've been traveling once again, although this time not for the freedom killer event that's apparently less than 130 days away. Just a work trip this time, although I did at least get a chance to hang out with two of my ushers while away. They are REALLY enjoying the fact that I've asked my brother to be a bridal attendant. They'd like it even more if I asked him to be my matron of honor... I can see some teasing in his future.

Anyway, thanks IronSteph and Chrissy for your thoughts on my hummingbird heart. I keep trying to just do some walking with my heart rate monitor on and spend all but my warm up and cool down time in my training zone around 130-150. It's really hard though because it just doesn't feel like "work". I'm trying to persevere, but how long should I expect it to take before I can actually do more than just walk? Hmm, maybe this is why I don't like hikes over 9 miles...

So not much to report on the knitting front except that MJ has been making me obsess more over the Bonnie and Clyde sweater I mentioned a few posts back from Go Fug Yourself. MJ has been nice enough to explain smocking to me and I've been reading about top down seamless set in sleeve sweaters (I'm probably going to go with body and sleeves done simultaneously) in Knitting from the Top, so who knows... we might have a swatch on the horizon.

Okay, I lied. I cast on for the socks my grandfather requested a month ago while on the plane on Monday. It's boring stockinette with short row toes so far, so it's really not all that exciting of a picture. Another inch or so and then it's time to turn the heels. I decided to try the yarnover method of short rows this time since it really ticks me off that my wrap and turn method looks different on one side of the heel than it does on the other. This method is a bit more balanced, but it's MUCH looser for me and looks a bit more holey than the wrap and turn method.

One last thing... I don't think I clarified here about the Dream Swatch head wrap. I really do like the pattern - it's a great result for minimal effort and it knits up so fast. I liked the yarn with the pattern, it's just that I didn't have near enough to make it that great length that Wendy shows in her version so that it cascades down over your shoulders. After tying my shorty version on, I ended up with stumpy ends left over that just added bulk underneath my already poufy hair. I'll probably make this again when I have more yarn to dedicate to the project and make it long enough to double as a head wrap and skinny scarf for those slightly chilly spring and fall evenings. For now though... the yarn has been recycled and is waiting for another stashbusting project.

really, this truly is the last thing... I'm thinking of making the Icarus Shawl. Which do you think would work out better with my Dress: undyed merino or pale blue alpaca? I'm not sure I'd actually plan on wearing a shawl with my Dress, but for some reason, I'm feeling like it should at least not clash as long as I'm bothering to make it and leave my options open.