Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pretty in Pink

Okay, since I'm on a pink roll...

Let me just put a disclaimer on this before I start: I am often still asleep when DF leaves for work in the morning. To my dismay, when DF came home from work yesterday, he was wearing this:

I think he looks fantastic in orange, and pretty in pink. I'm apparently not hip enough to be able to combine the two without turning into Mr. Yuck. I'm wondering if DF has Duckie fashion sensibilities. Which, if he does, that's totally cool, because I always wanted to be Molly Ringwald when I was a kid. Only problem is, Duckie didn't get the girl...
This, by the way, is total fodder for DF's second favorite website of all time: The all time favorite? A now, apparently, defunct website dedicated strictly to the combover. Visit here for its US counterpart.

No knitting content for today. I cast back on for Clapotis and turned the heels on Jaywalker. Nothing earthshattering to show, so no pics for you!