Saturday, January 14, 2006

Too square

So I think I know why everyone loved that Clapotis pattern so much. It's just so mindless that you can just leave it for a while, and then pick up right where you left off without nary a thought. And it's SO fast.

So I finished it this morning. Sort of.

I put it on, and it looked great over my shoulders. The drape is nice, though it seems the solid portions may be a bit loose. But I can live with that. There's no pooling that's really noticeable. That's good. And it covers the shoulders nicely. Also good.

Then I put it on as a wrap around scarf. .
Not so good. Look at how ridiculously short those ends are! Not acceptable. Not at all. I laid it out flat and measured. Or at least measured as best I could when it can be pulled in every direction at once. It measures a perfect 20" wide as the pattern described. And a measley 43" long. I knew 3 balls of Phoenix just wouldn't be enough!

I think it I take out an increase section, I should get an additional straight section out of it. If my calculations are correct, that additional straight section should give me about 6 inches more and take away a couple of inches from the width. It may still be a bit small, but at least it will be a little closer to the right proportions...

That, btw, is my Mr. Yuck face. In case this is a regional thing, the poison control center where I grew up had a campaign to distribute neon green stickers with a unhappy face squiting it's eyes and sticking out its tongue as if to say, Tastes yucky! And you're supposed to put those sticker on Drano, Windex, etc. That's the idea anyway. My dad instead decided that a better use for them would be to put them over my face in pictures where I was not coooperating, pouting and generally not smiling pretty for the camera.

That's also the face I make when I finish something and then decide that it needs to take a trip to the frog pond.