Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was DF and my two year anniversary (what’s the correct way of phrasing this possessive?). We met on a Thursday at the climbing gym in LA where we now climb together fairly regularly, and if it weren’t for a smarmy older guy hitting on me at the time, I probably never would have gotten up the guts to ask DF to ask me out. Thanks Tad!

So in a way of celebrating without really planning it that way, we actually got dressed as something other than dirtbag climbing bums and had a nice dinner. The most amusing thing about the place we went to was the “calorie free fortune cookie” they give you after your meal:
I’m pretty sure that’s one person I never would have imagined showing up on a fortune cookie.

Also on hand for anniversary dinner: the soon-to-be-former-Mr. Jessica Simpson apparently on the prowl for another dumb starlet. Yes, he was kind enough to NOT sing us an anniversary song.

In other ramblings, I will try to get around to showing how to pick up and purl for pocket linings and probably even for attaching patch pockets anywhere on stockinette stitch. Also, I’ve made reasonable progress on Hoodie Boogie Rock, and haven’t even frogged once! Granted, I haven’t gotten to the hard part of attaching a hood yet, so that’s not saying much. I’m putting in lifelines now for every major shaping section so when, no really I’m going to be optimistic here, IF I end up frogging, it’ll be a bit easier.
Sarah at SNB asked if I had managed to knit ALL THAT since last week. Yes, but it’s bulky yarn! That was the first time I had ever heard anyone imply that I made quick progress on anything, so I actually blushed. So that got me to thinking about an exercise I did last weekend. I actually timed myself knitting. So maybe it’s a bit high since the number of stitches per row is abundant (150), but here’s my SPM over stockinette stitch: 35. Actually, it’s more like 40 for knitting and 33 for purling. So am I obsessive, or has anyone else done this too?

Oh yeah, and since a really bad case of WEBSitis seems to be going around, I'll fess up. I just put in an order for 31 balls of yarn!!!! Gulp. At least DF approved the purchase and I won't have to find nonexistent room underneath the bed to hide my addiction. On the plus side, each of these balls of yarn is earmarked for a project, and I have even earmarked the remainder of the Silky Wool for something else. I won't get to this until well after Christmas (2006) but I'm already coveting this sweater. Now be honest, is it as ugly as DF claims it is? Have I stepped into the realm of You Knit What??