Monday, October 03, 2005

One hundred things

Because all the cool kids are doing it and because I don’t have any knitting content to show you…  100 things in no particular order.

  1. I used to go around saying “Hi, my name is Jennifer.  My nickname is Jen.  But you can call me Jen-Jen!”

  2. I had a panic attack in 3 feet of water wearing arm floaties and swallowed a lot of water when I was 5.

  3. I had a panic attack in 42 feet of water wearing a waist floaty and clinging to a foam noodle when I was 30.

  4. I guess I can’t swim.

  5. I have a mutant short middle toe on my left foot.

  6. I have a not-so-Cindy Crawfordesque mole just to the left of my nose.

  7. My best time for a 5k race was ~37 min.

  8. I was not walking.  I was running at top speed.

  9. I took piano lessons for 12 years.

  10. I enjoyed about 7 years of it.

  11. I can’t remember how to play anything now.

  12. I played flute in the marching band in middle school.

  13. We did not march.

  14. I took voice lessons and joined the choral group in college.

  15. I sing horribly off key.

  16. I went postal on my stuffed elephant Cindy for telling lies when I was 5.

  17. I was later told that Cindy the elephant was a Republican commemorative toy.

  18. I took my first plane ride when I was 8.

  19. My parents did not accompany me.

  20. I screamed bloody murder for the entire length of the runway during landing.

  21. The sound of the wind rushing over the wings made me think the engines were on fire.

  22. The pilot had to apologize for the, uh, rough landing.

  23. I learned to ski when I was 22.

  24. I now prefer hard snow to powder.

  25. I tried jeet kun do for a year, but it never took.

  26. I’ve been rock climbing for 4 years.

  27. I never went to summer camp.

  28. I never had an alcoholic drink before I turned 21.

  29. I can’t really describe what being drunk feels like.

  30. I have never smoked anything.

  31. I am square.

  32. The first car I drove had a whopping 48 hp.

  33. It was diesel.

  34. It mulched leaves when you turned on the fan for the air conditioner or heater.

  35. The speedometer only worked once you got over 25 mph.

  36. I had to manually turn the turn signal on and off to get it to blink.

  37. Strong flavors and smells make me sneeze.

  38. Peppermint is the worst.

  39. Followed closely by alcohol.

  40. I have to tell people I’m allergic to alcohol to avoid being looked at funny when I don’t drink at a bar.

  41. Bartenders look at me cockeyed when I order my favorite drink: cranberry juice and Red Bull.  No, I don’t want the vodka thank you.

  42. I have the amazing ability to sleep anywhere anytime.

  43. Conversely, I can’t stay awake in cars.  Even when driving.

  44. I blame it on getting motion sick easily.

  45. I’ve felt queasy on a ferry before.

  46. I’m an Aries.

  47. I was born in the year of the Rabbit.

  48. I spent many summers hanging out at a liquor store during my elementary school days.

  49. My grandparents owned and ran that liquor store.

  50. I can’t speak a word of Chinese.

  51. I can’t speak to my grandmother or my great-grandmother.

  52. Up until last year, I had a full set of grandparents and one great grandmother.

  53. I told my grandfather that he was hopelessly lost when I was 2.

  54. He didn’t know it yet, but I was right.

  55. I used to call my friend Joe to drive over and pick me up from my house when I wanted to hang out with him in high school.

  56. Joe lived a block away.

  57. I majored in chemistry in college.

  58. I can’t remember how to balance a chemical equation anymore.

  59. I practically failed biochemistry, thermodynamics, physics, and vector calculus.

  60. English was my worst subject throughout school.

  61. I was my school’s spelling bee champ in the 5th grade.

  62. I dislike reading.

  63. I still have nightmares about not having read the book and having to take a test on it.

  64. My record for longest time to read a book from start to finish was 4 years.

  65. The book was And the Band Played On by Randy Shilts.

  66. I played in my friend’s church bell choir.

  67. But, I never attended church.

  68. I thought my brother was lying to me when he told me the Challenger exploded.

  69. I was annoyed that they interrupted the Rockets finals game to show OJ’s low speed chase.

  70. I never saw a minute of the OJ case on TV.

  71. I couldn’t even recognize a picture of Nicole Brown Simpson in 1996.

  72. I’ve never had a cat or a dog.

  73. I had a couple of hamsters for a while.

  74. Then it turned into a dozen hamsters.

  75. I was horrified when I found out that it was because of the mamma hamster that it went back to only a couple of hamsters.

  76. I am a loud talker.

  77. I’ve lived in only 4 states.

  78. I’ve visited 40 of 50 states.

  79. I’ve only been to Canada, Mexico, UK, Austria, Germany and a few Caribbean islands.

  80. The first concert I attended was a dual headlining Tiffany and New Kids on the Block concert.

  81. The last concert I attended was a Royksopp/Basement Jaxx event at the Hollywood Bowl.

  82. Ryan and I met almost two years ago.

  83. We credit the Santa Ana winds causing unusually bad wildfires that year and a creepy older guy hitting on me for getting us together.

  84. My great-grandmother gets confused when people refer to Ryan because she expects to see my brother Bryan.

  85. She also gets confused when people refer to my future SIL Jennifer because she expects to see me.

  86. I am the #9 (out of 30) grandchild on my father’s side and #2 (of 2) on my mother’s side.

  87. My grandfather tells all his grandchildren “This one’s my favorite.”

  88. I still believe that I am.

  89. I never learned how to put on makeup.

  90. I wear jeans and flip flops almost 7 days a week.

  91. It takes me an hour to chop up vegetables for dinner.

  92. My longest time to prepare dinner was 3 hours.

  93. It was a beef and vegetable stir fry.

  94. The longest my hair has ever been is to the end of my shoulder blades.

  95. The shortest it’s ever been is 1 inch all over.

  96. I looked like a pre-pubescent boy.

  97. Or a communist.

  98. I am right handed.

  99. I am left brained.

  100. I am done!

This was really hard to do!  I must not be all that interesting…