Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm a DF

So apparently I'm not able to look up dates on a calendar. Stitches West is still February 16-19, but the organizers aren't DFs and didn't in fact schedule an event mid-week like some might lead you to believe. It's more like Thursday-Sunday. Given the new and improved information, anyone interested?

Classes I'm curious about: Keeping Trim (Lily Chin), fully Fashioned and fabulous (Melissa Leapman), darting the issue (Lily Chin), the perfect sleeve (I wonder why), and joy of finishing (Chris Bylsma).

Unfortunately that would put me in 18 hours of classes for a whopping $340. Even if I cut back on classes, there's still room and transport, so this could be a REALLY expensive event. BUT I WANT TO GO!

Anyone up for carpooling up and/or sharing a room? It would be a LONG drive so I'm not sure if driving would even be a good idea, but I'd definitely be in for crashing with one or two or three people (wow this feels like college) to cut rooming costs. I promise I don't kick.