Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It's not the OCD

So it’s amazing what you can learn from a session of SNB. As a corollary to #30 on my 100 things list, I have never used any other recreational substances either. Like I said, square. Anyway, at last week's SNB there was a long story involving Faith’s neighbor that ended with, no joke:

*knock, knock knock*
Occupant: What do you want?
Police: It’s the police. We need to talk.
Occupant: Go away!


*knock, knock knock*
Occupant: Who’s there?
Police: Police sir, please open up.

Another pause

*knock, knock knock*
Occupant: WHAAT!!?!?
Police: Land Shark!

Hmmm, so it seems that said neighbor was displaying suspicious behavior involving broken plate glass windows. But the conversation naturally turned to other signs of recreational drug use that made me somewhat suspicious of myself. One of the side effects mentioned was super-productivity in a non-productive way. What's that mean? Well, it's like taking apart your Jeep bolt for bolt and neatly organizing all of the bolts by size in boxes in your garage. OR knitting and re-knitting the same sleeve 10 times. It's not the OCD, really, it's the crystal meth that DF has been secretly pumping me up with in my sleep!

But the exercise in frustration has FINALLY ended (I hear a collective sigh of relief from the audience). I bound off the latest incarnation of sleeve v4.2 last night at SNB and modelled it for the ladies. I still haven't turned the picot hem up, so the picure is forthcoming.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering what rock I've been hiding under for the past WEEK, DF and I went to a wedding in Sarasota, FL. It was at 10:00 AM on FRIDAY. My head's still not screwed on correctly from the red eye flight we took out there and the 3 days in a row of 4 hours of sleep. Amazingly, no knitting the entire trip, but I did finally finish HP5. No, not Half Blood Prince, it was Order of the Phoenix. Yes I know, most 12 yo children finished that one 2 years ago, but I'm not like most 12 year olds. Not sure if that's a good thing when comparing reading speeds...

Also, I got an email from KnittingUniverse announcing the registration opening up today for Stitches West Feb 16-19. Is anyone going to this event? I've heard so many people talking about it on their blogs and mentioning the classes that they offer, I'm curious, but it falls on a Wednesday to Saturday. If it weren't for the vacation I'm hoarding to take a 3 week honeymoon in New Zealand (!), I'd be all over going to Stitches West. Hmm... what to do?