Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Opinion Poll

OMG, I hate Blogger! Blogger ate my post AGAIN. Is it time yet to start paying for my blog habit?

Anyway, thanks to everyone who commented on my post yesterday about my one-armed Hopeful. It’s nice to hear praise even if I’m not completely happy with it and continuously banging my head against the wall trying to make everything just so. I’m a perfectionist, I can’t help it. I just hope that being a perfectionist at least yields things done well. I do wonder if this Type A thing I’ve got going on is bad for me. The October 3 Newsweek has a little article on Type D personalities and how it increases your risk for heart disease. Type D, in case you’re wndering as I was, is a person who worries all the time and is socially inhibited. Hello?? Over here!!! Type D is a follow on to the definitions of Type A (perfectionist), Type B (laid back), and the little known Type C (outwardly pleasant, but avoids confrontation by bottling up emotions). Wait, all those are me. I guess you can’t really put people in a box.

Digress much?

So I did make the second sleeve and I did it a bit larger this time. I picked up 2 stitches for every 3 rows, and as luck would have it, I managed to come up with a stitch count that matched one of the sizes in the pattern. Which is good because if I had to recalculate… whoo boy! So, what do y’all think? Does the second sleeve look good as is?
I realized that I could at least get rid of the tourniquet effect on the original smaller sleeve edge if the second sleeve looks wonky. I’d omit the final round of evenly spaced decreases since I can’t figure out what these decrease do anyway then bind off on larger needles. However, I don’t think this approach would fix the overall snugness. It certainly won’t fix the armpit creep either. I realized the pit creep is pulling the body up so that the waist shaping doesn’t fall along my natural waist anymore. The mismatch would nag at me after all of the time I spent calculating. So unless the second sleeve looks like hell, I think I’ll rip the first.

Of course, I didn’t knit the larger sleeve just once. That just wouldn't be me. I followed the directions exactly as written for the number of sleeve stitches I had, but the picture at the left showed the final result of that effort. The sleeve edge flaring just plain annoyed me, so I ripped back to just after the short row shaping and threw in some more decreases there. I think that took away some of the flaring, as seen in the first picture. I’m contemplating a few more decreases to get rid of more flaring, but…

Quick, distract me before I frog some more!