Friday, September 23, 2005

Back in the Saddle

After yesterday’s rant about spazzing by not swatching beforehand so I wouldn’t make things too big, I think I may have spazzed again. So you know in high school where they were telling you about designing an experiment and they told you to have a control and only vary one item at a time against the control so you could see the effects of that one variant? Yeah, well despite majoring in Chemistry in college, I decided to completely ignore my education and just spaz.

How so? Well, I decided that the nature of the fabric was not stretchy, so I’d size the whole garment to zero ease to get the sleek look envisioned by the designer and achieved by more than a few knitters out there who are apparently less of a spaz than I am. Oh yeah, and then on top of that, I’d downsize a needle and block to the correct dimensions. That would be not one, but two modifications affecting size at once.

I’m wondering if that was a good idea after all because now I’m looking at my progress through the waist decrease section and wondering what small child is going to fit into this t-shirt. I do still think it’ll block to my body measurements (wishful thinking?), but I’m sort of wondering whether I’ll have to wear a corset and refuse to eat in order to wear this shirt.

You should be proud of me however. I didn’t spaz in the middle of my spazzing today. I was having second thoughts about making a garment to my exact measurements. So I started to tink back. Then I thought, to hell with it. If I’m going to overcompensate, I might as well go overboard and drown in it.

On other project news, I pinned Charlotte out last night to block. I learned a great lesson about blocking as this is my first lace blocking project. In case you need to block out a lace triangular shawl, it’s a bad idea to block one side and then the other. Better to block from the middle out. In this case, I’ll probably block from the middle neck and then open up the lace in triangular sections towards the edges.

Something else I learned from this, I should have bumped up a couple of needle sizes to bind off extra loosely. I thought I had bound off loosely, but apparently not enough. As I tried to block out my triangular shawl last night, I noted that the not loose enough bind off was preventing me from getting a nice point at the middle. Oh well, next time.