Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm not a spaz!

No, I didn’t throw Hopeful out the window in sheer frustration. I may have spazzed, but I think it worked out okay in the end. I finished the body section last night and tried it on to see if I went overboard. Thankfully, it looks just fine now, and I didn’t even have to hold my breath to get in. Turns out, the fabric is a whole lot stretchier when knitted up than you could imagine from just feeling the yarn. Anyway, I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out so far.

I only have this picture to show for now. This is fresh off the needles, so you can see that the armhole and neckline edges are curling a bit. I’m blocking it now so that I am not quite so frustrated with the picking up stitches bit. I would show you the picture of trying on the body section, but as you can see, the neckline is a bit on the open side. Let’s just say that despite being a member of the IBTC*, I wasn’t exactly comfortable showing that to the world.

So what I’m wondering right now is, how far am I percentage wise? I have the neck border to apply and cap sleeves to add. I started out assessing my progress based on the number of balls of yarn I needed, but I think that's probably inaccurate given my adjustment. In my size, I was to need 3.87 balls of silky wool. This is how much I have left of the three balls I showed last week as of today. So I'm guessing that I've used about 2 balls, most likely less. I know that I took out a significant portion of stitches around the waist and hip area, but geez! I didn’t think it would amount to a whole ball of yarn difference… So what to do with the other 7 balls of silky wool in this pack?

* I didn’t come up with that acronym… DF’s college friend did. It just rhymes so well. Stands for “Itty Bitty T-- Committee”. You get the idea.