Monday, September 26, 2005

Still Obsessive... LA edition

So DF and I were out last night playing Keohinani’s favorite game, “Guess the fiber content!”. Yes, we were spending an exciting Sunday night at Long’s Drugstore.  I tug on DF’s sleeve.  Ooh, I like that shawl collar on the sweater that girl’s wearing.  Ick, I don’t like the four GIGANTIC buttons arranged like dots on dice that fasten it closed.  It totally screws up the shape of the cardigan.  But I’ll bet that’s a variegated mohair/nylon/metallic blend kind of like Karabella Gossamer, only not in solid colors.  I can make that.  Except, sans the giant buttons and elbow length sleeves.  What’s with the elbow length sleeves these days?  Too lazy to make full or ¾ length sleeves?

So I’m staring at this girl for like 5 minutes wishing I had a camera functionality on my phone so I can take pictures of this woman’s sweater so I could make my own.  I debate whether to interrupt this woman’s cell phone conversation to ask her where she got her sweater so I could then go and do the same thing Jessica suggested.  

Then I have one of those flashbacks because I read US magazine way too much.  Stars!  They’re just like US!  They put their hair up in a hurried bun and rush out the door in their favorite old clogs and jeans to get their prescription filled and laundry detergent so they can have clean clothes before going on a trip.  Except they’re really not because most of us don’t have to jet to London for post-production re-shoots.  

The girl steps up to the counter and says (without getting off the phone), “I have a prescription.  Biel please?”  Oh yeah, that’s why she looks vaguely familiar.  I admit it.  I watch way too much of the WB.

I realized that I was living most men’s fantasy.  I’m sitting five feet away from Jessica Biel staring at her chest wishing I had a camera.   Only, I didn’t want to snap a picture to brag to my friends and  prove I was five feet away from JB’s breasts.  I’d have zoomed in on the ugly buttons so I can blog about how I’d change them on my version of the sweater.