Sunday, September 11, 2005

I'm it

Okay, it's unusual for me to write a post that's basically all about me, so this will be new and different. I got tagged for a meme by Chrissy, so here goes. By the way, what's a meme?

Ten Years Ago
hmm, I was working in a lab at my college in Houston learning all kinds of cool stuff like running a silica gel column and doing reductions of aromatics with sodium (I say that sarcastically, but they do make very pretty colors). I was taking the MCAT to leave my option for medical school open, though admittedly, it was only a halfhearted endeavor. In true spaz fashion, I ended up pissed at myself for not completing the first section, even if it were to guess C for all of the blanks because then I couldn't get a double digit score in that section. Way too competitive with myself...

Five Years Ago
Sick and tired of being a bench chemist that blows up her co-workers and living in the suburban sprawl, I packed my bags and left NJ for Boston. I racked up a couple of publications that year working for an academic think tank for lack of a better word, but felt like I was going nowhere.

One year ago
I had been working for my current employer for about a year and enjoying the non-stressful workload while feeling that my work has some benefit to society. After meeting less than a year prior and dating long distance for most of it, Ryan and I packed my bags again to leave the bitter cold winters for LA. My company was nice enough to let me work remotely, so I've been grateful to them for their flexibility. Oh yeah, and I started knitting in November 2004.

Five Snacks
1. Funyuns
2. Pizza Rolls
3. Gummi Bears
4. Molasses chews
5. Jalapeno chips (can you tell I'm a junkfood junkie?)

Five songs I know all the words to
1. Oh L'Amour by Erasure
2. I Melt with you by Modern English
3. Sweet Child of Mine by Guns 'n Roses
4. They Can't Take that Away from Me
5. Star Spangled Banner

Five things I would do with $100 million
1. Quit my job
2. Bring my closest friends on vacation to Australia
3. Buy a house
4. Make sure my family is taken care of
5. Open up a yarn store and try my hand at designing my own kntis

Five places to run away to
1. Anywhere as long as Ryan comes
2. Alaska (only in the summer)
3. Japan
4. New Zealand
5. Tahiti

Five things I would never wear
1. Engineering plaid
2. Gwen Stefani's outfits
3. an outfit that could be traded in for a car
4. burlap
5. MC Hammer pants

Five favorite TV shows
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Friends
3. Sex and the City
4. those redecorating shows
5. those cooking shows

Five biggest joys
1. hiccup laughter
2. geekiness
3. people with passion
4. sleeping in
5. finishing something and being proud of it

Five people to pass this on to
Umm, Chrissy was kind enough to pass this along to all the people who normally read my blog and all my webring neighbors have been tagged by the person who tagged Chrissy or the people Chrissy tagged (starting to think there's some incestuousness going on here), so I'll go out myself to people I blogstalk...
1. Jessica - My California KnitBlog neighbor, newly published in Fall '05 Knitty
2. Winnie - she makes really cool stuff, and definitely has a designer in her
3. Karen - a fellow backwards purler
4. Kim - a fellow Californian I'd randomly come across from the Knitty Boards
5. Lizzi - I'm hoping to follow her progress on Arisaig since she's using the yarn I hope to use!

Whew! I don't normally do forwards, so I must like Chrissy!