Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I come by it honest

That's what DF's dad usually says when I complain about something that DF does that annoys me. Usually it's something that his dad also does, hence DF "comes by it honest" and didn't just come up with that all on his own. So I swear, my stashing tendencies are in that category of things that I come by honestly.

My dad used to change the oil in his cars all on his own. He used to have a thing where you always put the same oil in the car so it runs better. We're not talking about just always using 10W-40 here. We're not even talking about just always using Pennzoil 10W-40 here. He means the same lot number of the same product. He should be a knitter. The concept of dyelotting wouldn't even phase him. Anyway, my dad would wait for a sale on motor oil, and then just buy cases upon cases of motor oil. It's not like it has an expiration date on it, right? You can walk into the garage and open up the storage closet and see it crammed floor to ceiling with cases of the stuff. When we sold a car that we'd had for almost 10 years, my dad put the motor oil in the trunk because that's the only lot of motor oil that car had ever seen and of course the next owner would want the original motor oil to come with it, right? He had no further use for that lot of motor oil after all.

The same goes for food stashing. My parents are in a constant state of preparedness. When Hurricane Rita was bearing down on the gulf coast and everyone else was panicking, my parents sat back and watched the mayhem on TV. They didn't need to raid the grocery store for bottled water or canned food items. They have enough to last through 3 hurricanes and the earthquake that might hit in 2065.

I myself only have enough canned food to make it through 1 earthquake. Square footage issues are quite limiting.

I know I said that Tuesday is Knitalong Day. So here's the progress.

Wait, isn't that the same as it was previously? No, it's a different picture, I swear. This is the front, really. So I guess this makes me 75% of the way done with Holiday gift number #4. Technically, the last picture I flashed isn't really the way it is anymore. I realized that when recalculating my gauge i didn't recalculate the number of stitches to bind off and decrease for the armhole shaping. I just followed the numbers blindly from the pattern. Holding it up to DF for sizing, the armholes just weren't wide enough, so I recalculated based on the number of inches that were decreased out so the armhole dimensions are about the same. I have to do the same thing for the neckline shaping now, and well, I'm just tired. Maybe on the plane when we take YET ANOTHER RED EYE flight on the worst travel day of the year. Yay.

DF is done seaming the Unbiased bag for my future SIL and is slowly working on the straps. We're hoping that this will be done for the Thanksgiving Christmas exchange to occur this weekend at his family's house. *holding breath and turning blue*