Wednesday, November 09, 2005

When monkeys fly out of your butt...

So apparently I've been drinking too much wine lately because I'm just not making any sense at all anymore. I think I am starting to take ex rectum to a whole new level. I blame the following exchange on Kim for planting the seed in my head.

Me: Hey what was that wine you were talking about earlier with your dad?
DF: Which one?
Me: You know, THAT one.
DF: No, I don't know.
Me: I don't remember the name of it. Just someone else recommended the same wine on my blog today. I think it was something like Obscuratum or something similar.
DF: Obscuratum? No, I don't know that one...
Me: Yeah, something like that. Maybe Offenbach Obscuratum?
DF: Well what did we say about the wine?
Me: I don't know. It was white?
DF: Oh, I mentioned it was the bottle with the screw top instead of a cork. That was Camus Conundrum! Offenbach Obscuratum?
Me: Well, the alliteration was sort of there...
DF: Offenbach Obscuratum!?!
... (20 minutes) ...
DF: Offenbach Obscuratum!

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately. Not much to see here, and I have about 100 posts to read still. I'm taking a long weekend starting tomorrow, so I'm afraid of seeing how many posts I'll be behind after I get back! EEK!