Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Pattern: Unbiased on Knitty

Materials: LACIS NP 29 Sari yarn(100% silk, 100g), 3 skeins. Size 8 circulars.
Finished size: 12.5” tall on long edge, 5” tall at middle, and 15” wide.

Started: September 29, 2005
Completed: November 22, 2005

Followed pattern exactly!

For anyone interested in making unbiased, the pattern SUCKS, imho. Sorry, did I say that out loud? Maybe it was just my execution, but the pattern diagram doesn't at all look like how it comes out. The diagram conveniently was not drawn to scale. Looking at the diagram, you'd think that the middle of the bag would be about 8 inches tall (only if you got out your ruler and did a little math would you probably arrive at this number. It really looks like it's about half as tall as it is wide). That's reasonable.

But then read the pattern. If you start in the lower left hand corner and increase on either end in garter stitch until your edge measures 7.5 inches you get a 45-45-90 triangle. Then you’re supposed to maintain the bias and knit up the piece until the long side measures 12.5 inches. If we’re not changing the angle of the hypoteneuse, what do you think the short edge should measure? A measly 5 inches I tell you.

Five inches wouldn’t be all that bad, except there's no gusset. So if you put anything in there that's not a flat sheet of paper, the bottom flattens out so that the middle of the bag measures more like 3 inches. What's the use of a bag whose length is 15 inches and is only 3 inches tall?

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