Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A picture, a picture!!!!

Lookee here!! I thought it'd be something like 6 weeks before I could post a picture again. Wonder of wonders I realized, hey, wait a minute, I have a scanner! Exclamation points!!!

Anyway, this is the progress I have on Light Petrol. I'm a few inches away from finishing the back, so I guess I'll call it 40% done. That's the chest striping. I looked up suggestions on how wide to make my chest stripes, and all I got was Fibonacci numbers. So you know how on every single IQ test or other standardized test they ask you, what's the next number in this sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21... Well, yeah. Every time I have to figure it out. And no, I didn't realize that there was a name for this particular sequence. Now I know.

Anyway, the problem with using Fibonacci numbers to dictate the width of your stripes is that most of the smaller numbers are odd. Not great for knitting and carrying your yarn up the side of the work. So I cheated and used 4 instead of 5. But that bleed through you see between the green stripe and the blue main color, yeah, that's because I changed colors incorrectly and didn't realize until I was to change colors again that you can prevent the color bleed through if you're careful about choosing a side to change on. If anyone's interested, in this case, I changed on the wrong side of the work to prevent bleed through because that side is where I purl all the way across and on the right side it looks like all knits.

In case anyone was paying attention, of course I'm not following the pattern as written. Most obviously, I changed the gauge altogether and substituted yarns. As you can see, I also changed the chest striping. And amazingly enough for one who hates finishing, I also converted this to a flat piece. I originally did this because I don't like the armhole shaping procedure when knit in the round, and I didn't like the idea of having to keep track of whether I was on an odd round where I needed to knit in pattern, or an even round where I needed to knit around. As a bonus, I did get to avoid the color jog this way. Of course, if I hadn't decided to do this flat, I wouldn't have worried so much about the odd numbers and carrying the yarn up the side. You win some, you lose some.