Thursday, August 25, 2005

Eek! IN damn spot...

So I ran into my first major issue with the Charlotte's Web shawl last night. Unfortunately, I didn't notice it until I got to the end of a 16 row repeat of lace and couldn't figure out why I was 1 stitch short. Then I saw it. Or rather, lack of it. There's no hole. Can you see it? It's RIGHT THERE! Anyway, I debated about ripping back some 9 rows of lace, but then decided that I wouldn't be comfortable letting the yarn fly and just ripping back with the assortment of YO, K2Tog, SSK, and SK2TogPSSO in there. I knew I'd never recover. And tinking back 9 rows when there's something like 150 sts per row on right now didn't sound terribly appealing. So the slacker in my over-rode the anal perfectionist in me. I just added a backwards loop increase and called it a day. What do you think?

Oh, and since I'm taking pictures, here's my progress. I'm just getting to the change to solid color C (or in my case, since I'm only doing 2 colors instead of 5, I'm going back to color 1).