Tuesday, August 23, 2005

UFOs are buzzing my head!!

So I'm not sure exactly when a "work in progress" becomes an "unfinished object", but I've pretty much decided that the following items are considered UFOs since they've been "on the sticks" going nowhere for at LEAST the past 4 mounths in favor of something much more exciting.

I blame this post entirely on Karen. She's finishing her peppermint stick scarf that's been two years in the making. Good for her for finishing a long-term project. Anyway, the scarf itself made me think of my ill-attempt at a project started almost a year ago when I started knitting again. No, it's not a scarf. Can anyone guess what it's supposed to be, and why it's a UFO? Ryan makes fun of me because I have about 20 balls of yarn in my stash in reserve for this project. Last year, he anticipated this might be done by this Christmas. I'm thinking maybe Christmas 2010.

My next exhibit: baby booties. I started making these as soon as I found out a friend of mine in Boston was pregnant and I wanted to surprise her with these. I furiously knit them and managed to get the knitting done by the following week. Note that's where I still am. And now she's due any day now. I should just seam up the back and be done (the ends are even woven in for crying out loud!), but I can't bring myself to sew them up. I guess you could say I hate finishing. Hopefully the baby will still be able to fit in them by the time I get around to sending them to her...

My final exhibit: a Rebecca tank. You have to understand that this tank started out its life as a poncho. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift, and then it turned into a birthday gift. By the time I finished the two rectangles, I hated the pattern so much I ripped it out. You can't tell from the picture, but the fisherman's rib is so ridiculously loose that it would make this unwearable unless you were planning to wear a cami or something underneath it. Too much fuss, so it's stalled in this 75% state. I don't really like the Lion Brand Imagine ribbon yarn, so I think that's why these incarnations have been so troublesome. Anyone want to take this off my hands?

So now that I've admitted to my UFO's, I'm leaving them and going back to more interesting lace stuff!