Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What they say is true

All those people who say that trying to teach your significant other ANYTHING is a bad idea are absoluely right. Never mind I thought. I am beyond the odds. I have an open line of communication with my sweetie. Therefore, we can have one efficient and lightning fast instrution session and Ryan will be felting his double knit beer cozy in no time flat.

You see where this is going...

I once pondered the effects of two stubborn people having children. I wondered, if you cross a stubborn mom with a stubborn dad would you get anything other than a stubborn brat? I think not. So starting with one stubborn teacher and throwing in a stubborn student, and the only possible outcome to this story is a migraine. Or lots of broken vases.

Fortunately, there aren't any vases in the house. But after several rounds of negotiation last night that could rival an act of Congress, I sent Ryan to work today knitting Continental and purling English. I guess one knitting spaz begets another. I can just see the guys at work making fun of him and having him knit 1x1 ribbing just for the spectacle. I'm going to have to find a button that says "I taught myself to knit!" to avoid the endless ridicule. At least for me. He'll have to fend for himself.